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At Lyons Farms, we grow two different varieties of bananas. These are not your typical Chiquita banana from the grocery store. Both varieties we grow are excellent dessert bananas, but the Psang-Raja makes for an excellent cooking banana as well! Check out some of our banana recipes.

Never store unripe bananas in the refrigerator!

They simply will not ripen properly because cold temperatures interfere with the ripening process. Bringing refrigerated bananas back to room temperature will not reverse this process.

Once bananas are ripe, though, they can be refrigerated for up to two weeks. You can also put them in the freezer to make smoothies or to use for later consumption, but only after they've ripened. Most fruits give off an ethylene gas in the process of ripening. Because bananas release a higher concentration of ethylene gas, they ripen quickly. They will also hasten the ripening of other fruits within their vicinity. If your bananas are green when you receive them and you want to accelerate the ripening process, place them into a paper or plastic bag. Adding an apple to the bag will encourage faster ripening.

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