Inside a thick rind are separate bulbs of juicy sweet flesh with flavors that hint of banana and pineapple. The bulbs of flesh contain seeds (or nuts) that can be roasted like chestnuts, or boiled.

The immature (or green) fruit can be eaten as a starchy vegetable, either boiled or roasted, and when ripe it is used as a dessert fruit.

Fun Facts

Jackfruit is the largest tree-borne fruit in the world, with some fruit reaching as much as 80 pounds. They typically range in size from 10 to 60 lbs. Some people claim Juicy Fruit Gum resembles Jackfruit because its flavors are characterized as a combination of banana and pineapple.

Jackfruit can be cut in a similar fashion to that of a watermelon.

Important Note:

Jackfruit excretes an extremely sticky latex substance from the rind and fibrous parts of the fruit. To avoid a sticky mess, we suggest that you place the fruit on top of something disposable, i.e. newspaper. We recommend that you coat the knife, your hands, and any other areas that will come in contact with the jackfruit with coconut or vegetable oil.
Color change from green to yellow to brown is used as an indication of maturity and ripeness stages. Mature fruit will ripen in 3 to 10 days. We generally harvest our Jackfruit with a portion of the stalk attached, making it easier to handle them.

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