Lyons Farms was one of the original commercial lychee farms in south Florida. At our farm, we grow six varieties which differ greatly in flavor and must be tasted to be appreciated.

For those that have never tried a lychee, they have a pink to dark red (depending on the variety), thin leathery skin which encloses a white/translucent flesh that is exceptionally juicy with an excellent flavor and aroma. The flesh of the fruit surrounds an individual seed that is inedible. This round fruit hangs in clusters on the tree, and each individual fruit varies in diameter from 1-2 inches. By putting a small crack in the shell, you can easily squeeze the flesh out.

Lychees must be allowed to completely ripen on the tree, and so, they are best consumed as soon after harvest as possible. Once you receive your order, refrigerate them immediately in a plastic bag to give them a shelf life of up to a week. You can also freeze your lychees to enjoy them all year long! Once frozen, they should remain for up to one year in an air-tight freezer bag.

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