Soursop/ Guanabana

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Soursop/ Guanabana

Generally known in most Spanish-speaking countries as guanabana, this odd- looking fruit varies in shape and size. It is a green colored fruit with soft fleshy spines. The fibrous white flesh is sweet but tangy. The flavor ranges from strawberry and pineapple to an underlying reminiscence of coconut or banana. Unique!

Soursops are picked when full grown and still firm but slightly yellow-green. If allowed to soften on the tree, they will fall and crush. It is easily bruised and punctured and must be handled with care. Once picked, they should take a few days to ripen at room temperature. Studies of the ripening process in Hawaii have determined that the optimum stage for eating is 5 to 6 days after harvest.

The fruit is considered ripe when it soft enough to yield to the slight pressure of one's thumb. At this stage, the fruit can be held 2 or 3 days longer in a refrigerator. The skin will blacken and become unsightly but the flesh will remain unspoiled and usable.

How to cut a soursop:

Cut the fruit vertically into two halves. Next, either cut the halves into watermelon-like slices, or scoop out the two white fleshy halves with a spoon. The skin and seeds are not edible.

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